How digital agency CourtAvenue is helping brands enter the Web3

  • CourtAvenue is a digital agency that has helped companies like General Mills break into Web3.
  • He indicates that brands are increasingly calling on the agency for Web3 projects.
  • Here’s his pitch deck that helped him win clients like Dell, Kia, and Qualcomm.

The digital agency CourtAvenue is betting big on Web3.

CourtAvenue was founded in 2020 by Kenny Tomlin, founder of digital store Rockfish (now part of WPP); and Dan Khabie, founder and former global CEO of WPP agency network Mirum. It increasingly helps customers navigate the Web3 and associated opportunities, such as customer experiences in the metaverse, unified data, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

“This is not something that is just a flash in the pan,” said Michael Stich, CEO of CourtAvenue Services. “We believe this is about reinventing the internet, and if we’re not helping our customers through this transition, I don’t know what we’re doing.”

CourtAvenue recently created a “kitchen of the future” presentation for General Mills, for example, showing how it sees the future of retail and its role in it. A smart fridge reminded people of things like when their kids have football games and it’s their turn to bring the snacks and when the

dog food

runs out – incorporating various General Mills brands.

Projects like this and the agency’s positioning on Web3 have helped CourtAvenue win new business from brands like Kia, Dell and Qualcomm. He is also working on two other Web3 projects with an automaker and a division of the US military.

Here’s the agency’s Web3 pitch deck that helped it attract top-notch clients.

Alma M. Buchanan