2022 Blount County Primary: Property Appraiser | News

The Blount County Property Assessor is required by the Tennessee Constitution to list and assess all property subject to taxation “according to value”. The taxable value of taxable property is a percentage of the “fair market value” or “value in use”. Commercial property is valued at 40% of “fair market value”; home improvements, 25% of “fair market value”; and residential land, 25% of “fair market value” or “value in use”. The office is elected for a term of four years. (Source: Blount County Office of the Real Estate Appraiser; BlountTN.org)

Allen Latham

Occupation: L&M of Maryville

Biographical information: “I was born and raised in Blount County, graduated from Maryville High School and started my career in the City of Maryville working on a garbage truck in 1999. I worked in the street and water services before becoming a police officer. I left the Blount County Sheriff’s Office as a Night Sergeant in January 2016 to focus on my small business, L&M of Maryville, full time. In my spare time, I enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing and spending time with my fiancée, children and grandchildren.

Why are you applying for this position? “I saw an opportunity to help the people of Blount County. I am a natural problem solver and a leader. I also have the heart of a fighter and a teacher and intend to use the post to educate the community about the office and fight for citizens to keep tax rates low No one should be forced to leave their homes because they have to choose between food and property taxes.

What relevant experience do you have? “Leadership and servitude are things that cannot be taught. I am a proven leader and have dedicated my life to serving the people of Blount County. My experience as a supervisor was to listen to community issues and ensure the right people and systems were in place to best serve citizens. My experience as a business owner, as any business owner can attest, compelled me to use and hone these skills. I am an excellent problem solver and will use it to help the community while leading the strong staff in the office.

What sets you apart from other election candidates? “I don’t believe the only function of this position is to sit behind a test and do paperwork. I want the office to be community driven; spending time educating others about what the office does, making sure Blount County citizens are aware of existing programs that affect their tax burden, and helping them use those programs. I intend to make the voice of the people heard. The people of Blount County deserve someone who understands how unique this county is and is willing to fight for them locally and nationally.

Todd Orr

Occupation: Property Appraiser

Biographical information: “I am a lifelong Blount Countian. My parents are Jack and Linda Orr. I graduated from William Blount High School in 1992 and Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Management Information Systems in 1996. I have been married to Staci Myers Orr for 24 years. Staci is a high school English teacher. We have two sons, Riley and Brady. Our family loves sports, especially baseball and golf. I had the privilege of coaching both Little League and touring baseball for 11 years. We attend Foothills Church in Maryville.

Why are you applying for this position? “I chose to leave my previous position to serve Blount County because I truly believed that my education and work experience made me an asset to the residents. My career has been property appraisal and monitoring. That’s what I do. So, it seems right to use my expertise to serve the county that I have lived all my life. I am passionate about serving others and want to continue to combine my personal qualities with my training and experience in the assessment offices to make our county even better than it already is.

What relevant experience do you have? “After graduating from college, I began working for the State of Tennessee, Division of Property Assessments. The division provides assistance, expertise, and oversight to local assessment offices. I primarily worked with the Eastern Tennessee Appraiser Offices for 17 years After leaving the state I spent 8 years as a Regional Manager at Patriot Properties working with appraisers in many states My Day to Day Responsibilities included customer service, as well as overseeing the productivity of the company’s project managers and online service developers, so I have both management experience and current knowledge of the law of the state regarding the responsibilities of the assessor’s office.”

of the other candidates in the elections? “As the current assessor, I have prioritized landlord issues and shown my commitment to service. I already perform all required office duties and, most importantly, build relationships with citizens, staff current and other government offices. A well-run office is essential. Having developed personal relationships with appraisers across Tennessee and the country, I have access to a wealth of expertise and have already used these resources to improve our office I believe that my proven commitment to serving citizens, along with my 25 years of hands-on experience in appraisal offices, clearly makes me the best choice.

Melissa McCrossen

Occupation: Project Manager

Biographical information: “Professionally, I spent over 20 years as a regional sales manager in the manufacturing sector with responsibilities such as database administrator and supervisor. I have held a Tennessee Affiliate Real Estate Broker License since 2016 and have been President of my HOA since the same year. I am currently employed as a project manager for a home improvement contractor and am a member of the International Association of Appraisal Officers. In addition to serving as a Blount County Democratic District 7 Representative, I volunteer for an equine rescue and have just started my first year as a tnAchieves college mentor.

Why are you applying for this position? “Full-time career positions with six-figure salaries, such as real estate appraiser, do not serve the public by being a partisan position. Leading a high-impact office tasked with setting property values ​​requires a skill set and experience that doesn’t always coincide with Republican or Democratic affiliation. In Blount County’s current political climate, 30% of voters vote for Democrats, but Democrats hold 4% of partisan political positions because most cannot risk disclosing their political affiliation, which means qualified candidates are not used. I am a qualified and experienced manager, and I can rebuild the assessor’s office to serve the taxpayer.

What relevant experience do you have?“The property assessor must wear many hats and juggle multiple responsibilities, including public relations, as well as obligations to county stakeholders and ratepayers. I am a proven manager who has led teams through complex projects. I am a moderate collaborator who wants to understand both sides and find common ground. I am an inspiring leader who has rallied teams to stay focused on the given mission and perform at their best. More importantly, I’ve been an outsider – tasked with assessing and revitalizing a struggling but critical department, and I’m ready to seize the opportunity again.

What sets you apart from other applicants?

Office? “My husband and I chose Blount County because of the many benefits of living in Tennessee, including affordability. The fact that I am an outsider and have lived in other fields and worked in the private sector gives me a level of insight that a career politician will not have. I know the challenges that will come to a community that sees property values ​​doubling in 18 months. I have known the burden of dealing with inflated taxes and unfair assessments and will use this experience to serve the taxpayer over would-be brokers who might prefer an insider.

Alma M. Buchanan